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How does Flour Plan Work?

We help make cooking easier for you as we provide pre-measured ingredients, a step-by-step recipe guide and kitchen tools all in one box delivered to you anytime you want.

Step 1

Choose a recipe.

Step 2

We deliver.

Step 3

You cook.


"It's like a dream come true. I've always wanted to make / bake and Flour Plan helped me achieve my #lifegoals. Thank you Flour Plan!"

Patricia Ann Bayan

“Recently tried out the Crispy Tofu Bowl and since I'm not really the best cook, I was very anxious and nervous with how it'll turn out. The box came and was filled with just enough ingredients and I was so thankful for that because I didn't have too much ingredients at home. When I started making the Crispy Tofu Bowl, I had no idea it would be so easy. There was a set of instructions that came with the box and it was easy enough to follow that I didn't notice how fast I had prepared the meal. The Crispy Tofu Bowl recipe was great and delicious! Will definitely order more from here 😊

Soy Ruiz

"This is the best subscription box I ever bought. I thought this would be another cooking disaster but it turned out amazing. I can't believe a kitchen idiot like me made something so delicious. The instructions were so simple and easy to understand that even a child can cook this. I can't wait to get another one of these. I got the Family Size Lasagna, by the way."

Rio Fontanilla, Mother

"I love that I don't have to worry about missing an ingredient when I bake. Recipes are easy to follow for beginners and it's fun to follow new recipes. I bake to relieve stress, and it's an added bonus that my friends and family get to enjoy my creations. Delivery is quick and each item is packaged carefully. I also get updates through email and Messenger. It's a really awesome concept. Kudos to Ms. Regine and the rest of the Flour Plan PH team. Can't wait to try to make something new once more. Let's bake!"

Lai Capule

"What I like about Flour Plan is that they are very interactive in talking to you. Plus, i had great results from my first bought recipe here. Double thumbs up for them. And hoping to purchase again."

Alleah Mae Ortiz

"I love how they pack the ingredients and it’s already pre-measured and the presentation was good. I love their unique concept and as a frustrated failed baker (i can cook but really baking does not love me haha) they gave me a chance to bake some goodies."

Ron Miranda