Why Food Preparation is so Hard in the Philippines

Are you always making grocery item lists and spending 30 minutes of your day thinking of what to cook for yourself or your family? Do you spend half of your day in the grocery or in the market just to get ingredients for your next meal? Well, welcome to the Philippines! With the intense traffic yet fast-paced living, food preparation has been one of the struggles faced by a lot of Filipinos. Do you agree? Well, we sure do. That’s why here’s a list we made of why food preparation turned from Filipino household fave to ultimate daily crusade:

There are picky eaters in the family.

A lot of Filipino families have at least one child who could be a picky eater at times. Thus, it becomes a hard task for mom or dad to decide on what food to prepare for everyone. Should vegetables be served? Bunso might just end up starved if they don’t cook fried chicken or hotdog every two days. This even doubles the cost of buying food because two separate dishes should be prepared just so everyone can eat – one for the whole bunch and one for the picky eater.

We don’t have enough cooking guidance.

Some of us are free birds, living independently in our own space. For people in condominiums or rented apartments, it can be a big, scary world without your lola who regularly cooks your favorite chicken recipe or your mom who always gives you your packed lunch. With this, most of us would just end up getting fast food which could be really unhealthy in the long run.

Food has become so expensive.

With the recent news on the inflation rate, it has been no doubt that a lot of food prices have gone up, up, up! This could be a huge budget problem for a lot of us. Because of this, we would just normally deprive ourselves of good food and just settle for canned meat options. Sad, right?

We don’t know what to do with the excess ingredients we bought.

A lot of us tend to buy so much in the grocery, but after one meal of using the ingredients, we tend to overstock them in the refrigerator until everything has been completely forgotten. We do not just waste money, but we waste a lot of our natural resources. We know you don’t want doing that.

But what if we tell you, we’ve created a solution for all of these? And it’s already here in the Philippines too! Welcome, Flour Plan, the first DIY (do-it-yourself) recipe kit provider in the Philippines!

You may ask now, what is a recipe kit and how does it solve the food preparation issue in the country?

Basically, Flour Plan provides you with pre-measured ingredients, a step by step recipe guide, and kitchen tools all in one box which is delivered to your doorstep. With a choice between 2-Person and Family Size servings, you can now get smaller portions of food for the picky eaters.

Aside from this, the recipe guide comes with pictures and easy to understand text so even if you have zero cooking experience, you’ll sure be cooking like a pro. Lastly, with pre-measured ingredients, you don’t have to worry about excess ingredients and expensive costs. You won’t be throwing anything away as Flour Plan gives you all the exact amounts of every ingredient you will need.

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Now, you don’t have to worry about preparing your food again.

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