How Do You Make Your Kids Eat Vegetable Recipes?

Kid Eating Sweets | Helping Them Choose Vegetable Recipes

Let’s face it, eating vegetable recipes has been a long struggle between mother and child. Vegetables can come off as an acquired taste especially for a lot of children. However, we understand that these leafy greens are an important part of a growing kid’s nutrition to ensure a healthy lifestyle as they get older. That is why, here are some of the best tips we’ve put together on how you can have your kids enjoy eating vegetables without compromising their everyday eating habits:


Butter for Vegetable RecipesThe number one reason why children hate vegetables is usually because of its bitter taste. Some of the most common vegetable recipes we all know are ginisang ampalaya or even chop suey. According to Healthy Simple Life, “everything tastes better with butter”. Don’t we all agree? So the next time you want to feed them raw broccoli or carrot sticks, add a bit of butter in there. They’ll surely want some more!


Dip for Vegetable RecipesThere are two ways you can use this technique. First, you can serve this like our butter trick earlier. Get a dip your family loves and have this be a staple in your dinner table. Have your kids enjoy their veggies with this special sauce and they won’t even notice they’ve finished that entire bowl of green. If you don’t have any favorite dips, you can choose to make one from scratch. The good news is, you can easily mix in some veggies with the dip and have your children try it with their favorite staples.


Make Kids Choose Their Vegetable RecipesThere’s something about a child’s mindset that makes them want to be in control most of the time. That’s why they usually throw a tantrum when they’re forced to consume things they don’t like aka vegetables. The trick is to make them feel like they can freely choose, so make it a habit to show them vegetables and make them decide which one they’d like to eat. You can even do this together when grocery shopping. Aside from keeping them physically healthy, you add up to their emotional and mental confidence.

These are just some of the best tips you can start trying out at home. In the Philippines, new products have also been sprouting up to solve this recurring food preparation issue. Here at Flour Plan, you can have your kid experience the whole package, from cooking, preparing and eating of the best gourmet meals. With the complete ingredients, recipe guides, and kitchen tools we provide in one box, you and your family’s eating habits will definitely change for the better.


Here are some of the Vegan kits you and your kids can try out:

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