3 Easy Kitchen Storage Tips to Make Your Life Happier

Most of us Filipinos have a hard time allotting some extra muscle, sweat, and (sometimes tears) when it comes to cleaning our houses, most especially the kitchen. Who can blame you? Being in a kitchen can be intimidating at times because of large machineries, tons of breakables, and hazardous elements that can get in the way. Add a hectic schedule at work plus intense traffic outside, that you just want to spend your weekends lying down in bed and munching on your favorite food rather than getting dirty in the kitchen.

However, this could pose serious problems in the long run. Having a disorganized home equates to a disorganized life. So, we’ve put up these three tips to help maximize your kitchen storage for a more systematic and fun cooking experience with Flour Plan:

Keep Your Plastic Bags in One Place

The recent trend right now is to reuse and recycle because who doesn’t want to save Mother Earth, right? Stop patronizing single-use plastic. Let’s make sure we’re maximizing what we have by reusing those grocery bags. All you have to do is spare one small space in your kitchen like a cabinet or a hanging bag so you can fold these plastic bags and tightly squeeze them in.

Get Rid of Bulky Packaging

You know those pasta and cereal boxes that take up one half of your cabinet space? These may look organized, but you’re wasting too much area! That’s a no-no. Transfer your cereals and pasta noodles in airtight containers and you’ll be surprised to see all that free space where you can start putting more things in.

Organize Your Tupperware by Size

We know every Filipino house has Tupperware. These might have come from your mom or something you just love getting your hands into because of how handy it can be. That’s why we recommend to arrange your Tupperware by size and stack them together to have more space in your countertops and kitchen cabinets. Start doing this and see the magic happen!

Were these helpful for your #KitchenClean project? Remember, part of a healthy and clean food preparation process involves a clean workspace too. So, after you’re done cleaning, cook some of these easy to make recipes to treat yourself! Comment your thoughts and questions, we’d love to help you out!

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/elisabethnarine/tips-and-tricks-to-maximize-your-kitchen-storage

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