What it’s Like Being A Career Mom in the 21st Century

We’ve talked to two career mommies to share how life is like being a superhero mom while at the same time fulfilling their dreams and rising to the top of the corporate ladder. Our moms, Christy and Majo, share their highs and lows in terms of mommy duties, household chores, cooking that pork recipe, and more. Do you think you’ve experienced the same? Read on to find out.

Q1. How often do you cook for your family or kids?

Christy: I cook the food weekly.

Majo: I cook only if I have time. *laughs*

Q2. What is the most difficult thing you’ve experienced when it comes to preparing for your family or your kid/s’ meals?

Christy: Leftover ingredients and of course deciding what to cook next.

Majo: Same with Christy, it’s really deciding what to cook next.

Q3. What are some things you dislike about this set-up?

Christy: I don’t have time for other things like my hobbies and sometimes preparing food can be difficult.

Majo: I can get easily tired because of the traffic and stress, I don’t have time for other things like my hobbies, preparing food can be difficult, and quality moments with my family are sometimes limited.

Now we asked them how they feel about being a career woman and a mom at the same time.

Q1. What do you love about being a career woman and a full time mom?

Christy: What I love the most is being able to fulfill my career and earning while at the same time I am able to take care of my daughter. I also love spending time with my kid instead of hiring household help. In terms of the overall situation, I like being able to multitask especially when I am still able to be with my daughter in all of her school activities.

Majo: I love being able to fulfill my career and earn as well. I also love being able to provide what I want to give for my child and at the same time fulfill my dreams for our family.

Q2. If you had a super power related to being a career woman/full time mom, what would that be?

Christy: I wish I could slow down time so I can do more things. *laughs*

Majo: I want to have super speed so I can do everything I have to do in a short amount of time. *laughs*

Q3. What makes you proud of being a career woman and a full time mom at the same time?

Christy: Being a career woman and a full time mom at the same time is not easy, “struggle is real!”. But, having these two awesome roles make me stronger and wiser to face challenges in life and in making decisions. I also developed my own parenting style that trained my daughter to become independent and responsible. I always teach her the reality of life and doing what is right. I’m proud to say that her teachers commend her for being a good leader in class, and also for being very responsible and kind.

Majo: Having the sense of fulfillment everytime I get to accomplish my tasks at work and spending moments with my family, i.e., being hands-on in taking care of my child everytime I’m at home, spending vacations with the entire family, and fulfilling our dreams one at a time.

Now, that’s what we call moms of the century! Christy and Majo are just two of the many moms in the Philippines who have similar experiences when it comes to raising a child and being career-oriented. Here at Flour Plan, our goal is to help moms in the Philippines by lessening food preparation time by 50% through our Recipe Kits.

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